Patient-specific spinal cord stimulation


What does our clinical software bring?
Quicker programming

Using 3D reconstructed models of the patient’s spinal cord, we can cut down the time needed to find beneficial stimulation settings.

Electrode independence

Our platform supports the implementation of any electrode design: past and future.


The end client is designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading pain doctors and nurses.


Solving the greatest burden in spinal cord stimulation
Two decades of hardware improvement, and no substantial impact

Chronic pain affects 1 in 15 Europeans. With the rising average population age across the globe, this number is set to increase over the coming years. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a well established treatment for the condition. This involves implanting electrodes in the patient's spinal cord. These are then connected to a pulse generator, implanted in the patient's abdomen. About 50,000 spinal cord stimulators are implanted globally per year, in a relatively non-invasive procedure.

Today, the electrodes are becoming smaller and contain ever-more electrical contacts. This means increasing possibilities for electrode placement and for stimulation settings. Finding the right settings for a given patient can take 3-5 months after implantation. Due to the long laborious methods, some neurosurgeons can only accept 10% of eligible patients.

Spinal Dynamics aims to transform the therapy into a data-driven process by the use of next-generation medical software. Our solution provides patient-specific and clinically verified computational models, with an easy-to-use interface aimed at clinicians.

With our personalized models, we believe we can reduce the time needed to find the beneficial stimulation parameters for a given patient. This means neurosurgeons will be able to treat more patients and patients will spend less time visiting doctors and more time enjoying the benefits of SCS.

Our Team

A mix of scientisits and engineers taking ideas from the lab to the clinic
Miroslav Caban
Co-founder & CEO
Emanuele Formento
Co-founder & CTO
Marco Capogrosso
Co-founder & Scientific Advisor
Silvestro Micera
Senior Scientific Advisor

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